Antiquities to Compare? From the Mediterranean to China

Antiquities to Compare? Discussions on Pre-imperial Trajectories, from the Mediterranean to China

10-11 juin 2022


Cette conférence, organisée par M. Julien ZURBACH, de l’ENS Paris, et M. LIN Zhipeng 林志鹏, de l’Université de Fudan, se tiendra en même temps à l’ENS Paris et au Centre de recherche international sur la civilisation chinoise de l’Université de Fudan (复旦大学中华文明国际研究中心) 

Les communications se feront en anglais ou en chinois (accompagné d’un texte en anglais). 


Lieu : ENS, 45 rue d’Ulm, Paris 5e  

salle F: escalier D, premier étage


Lien pour assister à cette conférence en ligne

Link to attend to the conference online




Friday, 10th of June, 2022

830 -900CET

Openning Remarks:


CHEN Yinchi 陈引驰 (Fudan University)


900 -930(CET

Introduction:LIN Zhipeng 林志鹏 and Julien ZURBACH



Session 1. Agricultural transformations and urbanization in the first millennium BC

Moderator:HUANG Yang 黄洋 (Fudan University)

Commentator:  LIN Zhipeng 林志鹏 (Fudan University)


  1. ZHOU Ligang 周立刚, Henan Provincial Institute of Culture Heritage and Archaeology and TIAN Chengfang 田成方, Zhengzhou University


The Effect of Urbanization on Agricultural Structure in the Eastern Zhou period (770-221BC), China.

  1. Julien FAGUER, École française d’Athènes

Cities and the Transformation of Agrarian Economies in the Aegean in the First Millenium BCE.


Discussion on session 1



Session 2. Metal economy in the Bronze age

Moderator: Olivier VENTURE 风仪诚(EPHE)

Commentator:ZHU Jiping 朱继平(Shanghai University)


  1. YI Desheng 易德生, Hubei Academy of Social Sciences


Methods of Controlling Bronze Raw Materials and the Formation of Transportation Routes (“Copper-Tin Routes”) of the Shang Dynasty. 

       2. Julien ZURBACH, ENS

Bronze in the Late Bronze age palace economy. 


Discussion on session 2


Saturday, 11th of June, 2022


Session 3. Roads

Moderator: OUYANG Xiaoli 欧阳晓莉(Fudan University)

Commentator:WANG Jinfeng 王进锋(East China Normal University)


  1. Jordan CHRISTOPHER, Munster University

Establishing the Arteries of Empire: A Comparison of the Development of Roadbuilding Traditions in Ancient Rome and Early China. 



  1. Louise DORSO, Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

Routes, Itineraries and Outlets between Mesopotamia and the Arabian Peninsula (9th-6th centuries BCE). 


Discussion on session 3



Session 4. Networks to state

Moderator:JIN Shoufu 金寿福 (Fudan University)

Commentator:MA Menglong 马孟龙(Fudan University)


  1. Maxim KOROLKOV 马硕, Heidelberg University

From Connectivity to Conquest: Trajectories from Interaction Space to Territorial State to Empire in East Asia, ca. 1000–200 BCE.



      2.Juan Carlos MORENO GARCÍA, CNRS

Regions and State-building in Ancient Egypt during the Bronze Age: An Uncomfortable Balance. 


Discussion on session 4



Session 5. Broader perspectives

Moderator:Julien ZURBACH (ENS)

Commentator:WANG Zhongxiao 王忠孝(Fudan University)


YOU Yifei 游逸飞, Chung Hsing University


Western Zhou and Rome: Historical Similarities and Differences between China and the West in Colonization, Division, and the Development of the Commandery-county System.  


Conclusions and general discussion

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